posted on 13 Aug 2009 05:34 by badbadtz1234

everything had done,,i know u may not understand my real feeling...

if i tried to reach u before, know ur damn real soul, i thought i would not like u absolutely..or maybe,,

u pretend to be a good guy for getting a famous. uh?


1 year that i'd kept my feeling, hidden it so long, but i've know u know my mind by my eye,,

i never thought u r a slute guy who never think about other's feeling or respected the other,,,

i know u're so popular...but u know..for me u just a common guy that i wanna know ur real soul more,,Isn't hard for u to respect my feeling, is it? It's ok, if u couldn't accepte my feeling,,but i mind which u didnt consider my feeling


now, everything is getting worse, no more now,,my good feeling that i wanna give u is over by ur rudeness

an' ur pretend, it's suck!!...u know.....PLease,,let me know ur real,,then we'll be a good relationship...


my thought, now, about why i had spent a lot of my time to like, to care, to respect, to expect, with u